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Anti-Cancer Tablet

Armotrazis a medication containing anastrozole, belonging to a class of medications known as Nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors. It is used for the treatment of breast cancer, after surgery with or without radiation, in postmenopausal women. It works by inhibiting the enzyme Armotraz, which causes the conversion of androgens into estrogens.
Specifications:  Content : Anastrozole,  Form : Tablet,  Strength : 1 mg,   Available as : 1 mg tablets,  Packing: Pack Of 10 Tablets,   Manufactured By : CIPLA

Xeloda (Capecitabine) is an orally-administered chemotherapeutic agent used in the treatment of cancer. Used as a chemotherapy drug, the drug resists the growth of cancer cells and slows their spread in the body. It is particularly used to treat breast cancer and colon or rectum cancer. Xeloda inhibits DNA synthesis in the tumor and slows growth of cancer tumor tissue.

Specifications:  Content :Capecitabine,  Form : Tablet,  Strength: 500 mg,   Available as :500 mg tablets,  Packing: Pack of 120 Tabs Manufactured By : ROCHE

Veenat is a prescription drug and should be used under proper medical guidance and advice. Do not share the medicine with others, since they may be suffering from a problem that is not effectively treated by this drug.

Specifications:  Brand Name: Veenat,  Content : Imatinib,  Form : Tablet,  Strength: Veenat 100 Mg & 400 Mg,   Packing: 100 Mg - Bottle Of 120 Capsules & 400 Mg - Pack Of 30 Tablets

Bondronat is essentially used for treatment of problems relating to bones. It is used to treat osteoporosis in women post menopause for slowing down the weakening of the bones. It also helps in preventing further damage to bones in patients suffering from breast cancer, in case when the cancer has spread to the bones. It also reduces the probability of hip fractures and other fractures. The Bondronat drug also helps in reducing excess calcium in patients suffering from Hypercalcemia, which is the condition of excess levels of calcium in the blood. It can be taken orally or can be administered as an injection.
Specifications:  Brand Name: Bondronat,  Content : Ibandronic acid,  Form : Tablet,  Strength: 50 mg,   Packing: Pack Of 28 Tabs,  Manufactured by: ROCHE

Tamoxifenis used for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. It is an anti-estrogen that is beneficial for treating both the early and advanced breast cancer. It is also favourable for those who are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.
Specifications:  Brand Name: Bondronat,  Content : Tamoxifen Citrate,  Form : Tablet,  Strength: 10 mg & 20 mg,  Available as: 10 mg & 20 mg tablets,  Packing: Pack Of 100 Tabs,  Manufactured by: Dabur